Aerial Productions

We help you showcase facilities with a different perspective

Everything is affected by one’s point of view. Life takes on a whole new dimension depending on how and from where we look at things. Aerial shots add that kind of vibrancy to the typically 2D medium of film and video.


We help you showcase facilities with a different perspective. From industrial to real estate, and tourism to landscaping, our aerial or ‘bird-eye’ productions cover all your drone coverage/shooting requirements. Using the FPV technology for epic cinematic tour captures, we give you just the right aerial photography/videography solution.


We specialise in drone aerial shoots in Dubai and guarantee a trouble-free shoot by handling the acquisition of all relevant licences and permissions to shoot aerially in Dubai, with the exception of government-mandated ‘no fly zones.’ If you also have one or more aerial production needs that you would like to discuss with our experts today, get in touch with our expert today!