Why You Need to Hire a Media Production House in Dubai to Market Your Products

Entering a new market is always a challenge. Dubai is not an exception. The competition is rising in every industry here. A strategy with creative flair can help your product do much better in Dubai.

Hiring a media production house in Dubai is one of the strategies that can help you rise above your competition. A video campaign or product launching event can get more people to consider your product.

If you are selling in Dubai for the first time, it’s vital to understand your potential customers. If you fail to understand their mindset and language, you will have hard time convincing them to buy from you. 

If you are marketing a product or a service in Dubai for the first time, you have to know to work on these things first:

Target audience

Most businesses overlook the importance of defining their target audience. Since competition in Dubai is high, you have to be very picky with your target audience otherwise you will sound like just another provider in your category. Market research can play an important role here. Do your research and find your most profitable target customer in Dubai.

The medium of communication

Some products are B2C while others are B2B. For both scenarios, you have to pick different mediums or platforms of communication. For example, if your users spend most of their hours on Instagram, don’t run your ads on LinkedIn. If your target audience is mothers spending most of their time at home watching TV, you must run your ads on TV channels popular among them.

Knowing your goal

There could be many goals when you market a product. You may want to reach to as many people as possible or you want to get leads or sell. Different goals require different approaches and processes to go through.

Build your USP

You can cater your USP (Unique Selling Point) based upon your audience in Dubai. Not all products appeal to all customers, so it’s vital that you clearly differentiate what your product offers better or additionally.


Now you are clear on your target audience, goals, medium and USP; it’s time to craft your message or offer and present it powerfully in front of your audience.

The most powerful way to do it is through videos. A professional product video has immediate and yet lasting impact on your target audience. No one wants to skin through a large chunk of text to know about your product’s features, benefits or vision of your company. To get a product marketing video, you can hire a local media production house in Dubai.

Hiring a local media production house makes sense since they know the audience much better. They are familiar with the culture, language, society, religious and political beliefs in Dubai. Before someone buys from you, they have to like and trust you. A media production house in Dubai can easily help you craft a sales message that wins your audience’s heart.

So now you understand the importance of hiring a media production house to market your product in Dubai. Do you have any questions? Please feel free to book a free consultation with our experts.