Prepare These 8 Questions before Hiring a Media Production Company in UAE

A video campaign can have a lasting impact on your brand. You can attract enthusiastic customers, investors and even employees. But, to do that, you need to communicate clearly with your Media Production Company in UAE.

Instead of believing your guts or rushing through the important questions, you need to dig deeper and come up with answers that drive decisions. When you do that, you can save yourself from unnecessary headaches and lots of back and forth work.

Knowing your answers will help your production company to come up with the right plan of execution to achieve the desired results.

So here you have the most important 8 questions you need to prepare in advance:

Questions no 1– What’s the purpose of the video?

Unless you are a renowned director like Ali F Mustafa, making feature films devoid of glamour like “City of Life”, you need something powerful to engage your audience. For that to happen, your video needs to have a clear purpose. It should be something that your audience connects with in an instant and is left with wanting more! Whether it is to increase website traffic, spread awareness about brand, or customer education, having the end result in mind at the beginning is a mark of your astuteness.

Questions no 2 – Who’s your target audience?

An easy way to understand what your target audience clicks with is to make a user persona. Having a deep connection with your audience will not only help you make an appealing video, it will also help in the decision making of where your video will finally live! This brings us to our next question.

Question no 3 – What’s the digital specs requirement?

If you are planning to hire a Media Production Company in UAE, you must know where you want to play your videos – television, cinema screen, mobile phone, desktop or billboard. Different platforms need videos with different resolutions, formats, etc. and the equipment used for the shoot determines where your video will be shot to (SD Card, SSD, etc.). This will in turn help you ascertain whether or not you have the proper video reader at your disposal.

Question no 4 – What’s your key message?

What you want your target audience to feel while watching your video is another important question to consider. The answer to whether you want to convey happiness, anxiety, sadness, anticipation, fear, hope – will help decide the whole tone of the footage. How we shoot for a feeling of delight is different from the shooting methods used to induce disgust.

Question no 5 – What’s the plan about the various production constraints?

Are the appropriate resources available for capturing something specific? Do we need to wait for a particular season or time of the year for the shoot? What is the due date? How much creative control do you want over the project? What’s your budget like? You should identify any possible deterrents in the beginning itself so as to preserve your precious resources during the production.

Question no 6 – How’s the Call-To-Action going to look like?

The whole point of making a professional video for your company is to get a response from the audience. Whether it is just an awakening or you’d like the audience to switch to you, you should have clarity on the type of response you want from them and what you want them to do with your message.

Question no 7 – What’s your ideal Specimen, if any?

Giving your media production company specimen videos to view and telling them about your thoughts on the same, will help them immensely to understand your vision. If you do have such videos that you love, the video production house can use them as a baseline, while still keeping your project original, and conceivably, even better!

Question no 8 – Who’s the green light in charge?

Once the project is finished, it obviously needs to be reviewed by you. Would you be reviewing it yourself or would you prefer giving the final cut to an online review service before its green lighted? Having an answer to this will help your media company make required preparations.

Knowing all this helps set a tone for the quality of the finished product.  So, if you are in the process of finalizing a Media Production Company in UAE, then be ready with thoughtful answers to these questions!