How video production houses in Dubai are shaping industries

Dubai is a global hub for all kinds of industries due to tax breaks, custom duty benefits and minimum restrictions. When businesses fight for attention, it’s important to consider an out-of-the-box corporate video strategy.

Video production houses in Dubai are in high demand due to various reasons. The success of video campaigns in various industries pushed businesses to have a solid video plan as a part of their growth strategy.

Many industries like construction, e-commerce, travel & tourism, healthcare and real estate are considering video as their main channel of communication. Because of their successful video campaigns, these industries became the fasted growing industries in Dubai.

Areas where a production house can help

There are many instances when you need a professional video done, such as a corporate event, a product launch, ad launching, product demo, staff education, YouTube marketing, TV ads, and corporate communication.

All such types of videos need an expert eye to create the desired impact. There are lots of nuances when it comes to video production, so leaving it to the amateurs can cost you heavily. You need professionally used photography equipments, script writers, editors, artists and so on. A production house has all the right talent and leadership to deliver video that resonates with your audiences.

Top industries that use video production to thrive in Dubai

The trend of video production is high in the following industries. Companies in these industries are fighting for attention. In such a competitive landscape, videos make them stand out and attract lots of enthusiastic customers consistently.

Video production house role in construction industry in Dubai

video production houses in Dubai

Visuals play an important role to make the construction industry grow at a rapid rate.  Brand story-telling videos, testimonial videos, process videos, safety training videos, walkthrough videos are some popular types in this industry.

Almost all big constructions companies in Dubai use videos as their prime communication strategy to improve their work efficiency and attract eyeballs.

Creating a video for construction industry is a challenge. Construction industry video requires collaboration from all parties involved. So, it’s important to hand over video production to a professional team.

Video production house role in e-commerce industry in Dubai

E-commerce is the 2nd fastest growing industry in Dubai. Ecommerce companies use video ads, product commercials, and product explainer videos to sell online.

Most ecommerce companies in Dubai usages product demo videos to attract new customers.  

Such successful videos are created by video production houses in Dubai after deeply knowing the target customer, and competition.

Video production house role in tourism industry in Dubai

Tourism industry is flourishing in Dubai due to effective video marketing. Most travel and tourism companies get marketing video produced to promote their travel trips. Destination travel, adventure travel and journey travels videos attract people from all over the world to Dubai. 

Video production in real estate

Property walkthrough videos are most popular types of real estate videos. Everyone wants to see a nice walkthrough video before going out and visit the property physically.

A great walkthrough video lures the customers to come and visit the property. If more prospects visit a property, much better deals it attracts.

Hiring professional video production houses in Dubai who has experience in real estate industry can give you advantage over your rivals.

Video production in healthcare industry

The demand of video production is high in health care industry as well. Healthcare industry requires lots of training videos, educational videos, hospital facilities overview, testimonials, promotional videos etc.

The advancement in medical technology requires video training and consumer awareness campaigns. Video production houses help healthcare facilities in Dubai to create all kinds of videos to accomplish such goals.

Most businesses in Dubai have realized that if they want to stay competitive in the market, they have to think outside the box and come up with better strategies. If you are a business in Dubai and want to discover the possibilities of videos, talk to our expert. We are a leading video production house in Dubai with a huge portfolio. Help your business grow using the power of advanced video strategies.