How Aerial Filming in Dubai Can Give You a Competitive Advantage

Like any other popular city in the world, Dubai also has every growing competition in all industries. Leaving a room for the competition to take over your market share is not acceptable for any business. So what can you do different or out of the box? Well, video marketing using aerial filming. You can a have powerful brand impression with aerial footages in your videos.

Before you go out in search for an aerial filming company in Dubai, let’s understand what aerial filming is and how it can give you competitive advantages.

What is Aerial Filming?

Simply put, Aerial Filming is footage taken from the air, with cameras on helicopters, or more popularly nowadays, mounted on gimbals on drones. As the drone flies with the camera on – board, a unique bird – eye perspective gets captured, giving your film that added element of “Awe”!

How hiring an Aerial Filming Company can give you competitive advantages?

  1. If you are a real estate company in Dubai, aerial view of your property can attract more and high value customers. Since 360 degree view is very important for a property buyer.  
  2. Aerial filming allows the addition of tipping and spinning effects in the film.
  3. To cover every action in a sport event, aerial view is essential. It is used in Sports to get a better view of the players, making life a little easy for referees.
  4. In disaster relief, aerial shots help gain a better understanding of the extent of damage, accessible points to provide aid, while also helping in planning to avoid future disasters.
  5. It allows you to give your viewers an astounding feeling of soaring through the air, without the need to be physically present there.

What are the Advantages of using Drones for Filming?

In Dubai, Drones are also popular for aerial shots. You can also choose drone filming for your shooting videos. It has many advantages like –

  1. They are very easy to operate.
  2. They cost significantly lesser than traditional filming equipment.
  3. They are versatile, providing unique shots, which was not possible a few years back. You will have lots of flexibility.   
  4. The high – resolution cameras allow clear videos and still images even in low – light conditions.
  5. Inbuilt motion sensors allow recording stable videos even while moving.
  6. They eliminate the need to hike for miles to get that perfect all – encompassing aerial shot of the landscape. You can simply fly over it, without physically flying over it.

Things to Consider when looking for Aerial Filming in Dubai

The most important point of consideration while seeking an Aerial Filming Company, is to make sure that they possess an Aerial Filming Permit in Dubai. The Dubai Civil Aviation Authority (DCAA) gives license to professionals and hobbyists alike.

In addition, you should make sure that your filmmaker has operated drones before, by taking a look at their portfolio. The type of equipment used and proper insurance on it are also important points to consider.

At AK Films, we provide a well – versed team of experienced drone pilots, who operate drones with the proper drone filming permit in Dubai. Here, take a closer look, and book your Free Consultation appointment now.