Corporate Video Strategies That Can Set You Apart From the Competition

There are many studios that make corporate video in Dubai, but not all have the potential to serve your purpose neither have the essential photography equipments to make your corporate video a success. If you want to succeed with your corporate video campaigns in Dubai, you need strategies that can set you apart from the crowd.

Before learning about the strategies, let’s try to understand what a corporate video is. 

What is a Corporate Video?

A Corporate Video can be anything from infomercials for a target audience to training and safety videos for employees. Be it presentations for investors or interviews of Company Leaders, Corporate Videos give you a higher likelihood to be seen. You could even demonstrate new products being launched or create video summaries of events or activities taking place in your company. In short, any video created by a business is a Corporate Video.

Types of Corporate Video

Various types of Corporate Videos that can help a Company create long – lasting bonds with their customer – base as well as investors and other stake – holders are:

A simple yet effective Promotional Video can do wonders in putting your Company on the map. A comprehensive Promotional Video can provide a detailed view of your Company, as it doesn’t have timing restrictions faced by TV commercials.

  • Corporate Profile

Instead of reading text, most senior executives nowadays prefer to get their information through videos. A Corporate Profile Video is thus your best shot to grab their attention and effectively showcase the people, products, services and philosophy in a catchy video storytelling of your company.

It is always wise to capture and conserve all Corporate Events on film. This not only allows for future marketing, but is also a means for you to flaunt the success of these events.

  • Customer Testimonials

Perhaps one of the best ways to win over new customers is to provide proof of satisfaction of the existing customer – base. Customer Testimonial videos sure come in handy in these types of situations.

  • Corporate Social Responsibility

“No good deed goes unnoticed”, and its sure to accumulate lots of goodwill if captured and portrayed in the right light. CSR Videos are your way to show the public how your business practices ensure a positive impact on society.

Corporate Video Strategies to set you apart from Competition

All Companies are different, and thus have different priorities and philosophies. This means that your unique Company will require a unique and compelling Corporate Video Strategy. Here are some of the strategies that you must try to leave an impact:

  1. Unique style – Your videos should look like a random corporate video, but you need to adopt certain style that reflects your brand, vision or values.
  2. Add surprise element – Corporate videos don’t have to be boring. So when you try something different to surprise your audience, you will have high chances getting more people to like and remember your brand.
  3. Be crystal clear about your objective – Every video has a unique purpose, so never mix up your objectives. This will dilute your message and thus diminish the power of your videos.

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