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Video consumption is sky high for the past several years in Dubai. It drastically impacted the way business communicates with their customers. Businesses that had shifted to video strategies enjoyed tremendous growth due to popularity of video on the social media. On the other hand, businesses that shied away from a video plan are struggling to retain their customers.

Although it’s evident that video is the key to success in such a competitive city, but it’s imperative to try something innovative like drone filming to on the top. Being a Dubai drone filming company, we found 5 strong reasons to try drone filming.

drone filming in Dubai

The rise of video content in all industries in Dubai

According to, 91% business use video as their marketing tool. Businesses in Dubai are using video marketing strategically to position their brand.

When more businesses use video marketing, it’s vital to seek strategies that can make you stand out. Drone filming is one such strategy that adds dynamism and power to your message.


The growing competition

If you are the only business of a category in your city, you don’t need to do much to stand out and attract customers. But if there are hundreds or thousands of businesses fight to win over your customers, you can’t stay still- you have to find ways to attract and retail your customers.

A Dubai drone filming company may put you in a position where it’s hard for competition to match your standards by establishing subconscious connections with your audiences.  

Budget friendly video technology for start-ups in Dubai

If you are a start-up in Dubai wanting to grab attention of a wider audience, you must try drone filming since Dubai is seen as one of top destinations for drone filming, however this might be an opportunity to take a look at drone regulations in UAE.

Morden customers are very busy in their own stuff; it’s hard to get their attention and even if you get their attention, it’s difficult to retain their attention for a few minutes or so.

Drone videos are attention grabbing. These are pleasing to watch. If you promote your business through videos with drone shots, you are likely to attract more eyeballs. If you have a powerful message, it will become tough for your target customers to ignore you.

High risk environment must use Drone filming service

It’s hard to do manual filming in hazardous environments. Industries like – construction, mining, chemical and manufacturing are risky for human life. In such environments, it’s vital to use drone equipments and accessories for filming. It helps us stay safe and, at the same time, capture the shots that convey the message powerfully.

No disturbances for people around

Dubai is a busy city. It’s professional, not to disturb others. Drone filming doesn’t disturb people or animal. It also requires less space to do it professionally. You can keep doing your awesome work quietly. When you hire a drone filming company, you don’t have to move things around to give them lots of space to setup a video shooting environment.

In conclusion, drone filming in Dubai is getting more important, and definitely more efficient than many other regular filming techniques, and leading in the race of utilizing it in today’s day an age is key to top your competition and achieve your marketing goals in the region