Established in 2017, AK Films was built with a passion for cinema and filmmaking.

In a matter of a few years, we managed to work with many esteemed clients and renowned celebrities from the MENA region. Committed to standing out and making a difference in the industry, AK Films helps individuals, groups, and businesses by creating exceptional content that conveys the messages of our clients and empowers their brands and ideas.

Why are we here?

From an infinite passion for storytelling and moviemaking, and a love for helping others find the correct way to deliver their message to society, this company came to be.

What do we value the most?

Our belief is that no two stories are identical.
We value the stories of people, and the very best way to convey them in a sophisticated manner.
We focus on the uniqueness of the story and preserve the professionalism of the process.

Who are we here for?

We care about people who want to bring value to society.
We work with individuals, groups, and businesses that have a unique story or product to share with the world.

What makes us different?

Derived from our passion for Cinema, we give special attention to the storymaking stage, we listen, and make sure our research is comprehensive and our script is accurate.
We match the client’s vision, while helping them bring out the most important narratives in it at the same time.

What is our long term ambition?

We aspire to become a trademark that inspires individuals and groups in the filmmaking industry.
That is why we are constantly seeking inspiration from individual experiences and new experiments ourselves.